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Fiesta! River Rock
Central Valley of California River Rock Quarry
Fiesta River Rock! Viva La Fiesta! Quarried from the rivers feeding the great cattle grazing and former Spanish Hacienda ranchos of the Central Coast of California. This river rock cobble is a mixture of rounded and angular material this mostly made up of the colors of golden tan, brown, red, soft pink, green and lessor colors.
The rich colors and heritage of this river cobble evokes the Old Spanish Day's Fiesta in Santa Barbara.

This is a new rock material to the California landscape market.
Fiesta! River Rock is the most sustainable colorful river rock for the Southern California, Central Coast and South San Joaquin Valley there is. Not has high in smooth round shape quality as Fresno area Noiyo but better in color and superior in per ton price and transport costs.
This rock is separated into several sizes allow for a wide range of design element options.
Fiesta River Rock is also sold a screened and crushed gravel material sizes allowing for its use in pathways and driveways from 1/4 inch to 24 inch river wash boulders.

Fiesta River Rock cobbles and pebbles with its smooth shapes and textures make it ideal for your river bed landscape or as large scale ground cover. It has a natural rugged appeal that adds a wild untamed element touch to applications like dry river beds, standard landscape fill, paths and walkways.
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Fiesta! River Rock